M&P Coney Island [Review]


The hot dog capital of the world is New Castle,  Pennsylvania!  Some might say that New York or Chicago own that title but they would be wrong.  New Castle, also the fireworks capital of the world, is where the proverbial “it” is at when it comes to hot dogs.  The World Famous M&P Coney Island hot dog shop is the primary reason for this title although there are other contenders such as Bill’s Sandwich Shop and Post Office Lunch.  M&P currently has two locations, the older, downtown location and the newer location in Neshannock Township.  I went for the original location which is your classic diner look with chipping hard plastic tables and chairs and counter to order from!  The restaurants are very dated and generic looking but that is part of their appeal. Continue reading


Burgatory [Review]

Photo Feb 03, 9 35 26 PM

Pittsburgh has been invaded. Invaded by burgers.  And not just any burgers, gourmet, top of the line, eat until your trousers don’t fit right burgers.  While there are many competitors swirling, it’s hard to look past Burgatory as the shining beacon of burger in Pittsburgh right now.  Winning the Burger Business A1 2013 Burger Brackets and riding high with success, Burgatory is planning to expand in and outside of the area, something most people couldn’t be more excited for.  While I’ve been here a handful of times  before, it’s always good to give a place a fresh look and present it to the world. Continue reading

Bluebird Kitchen [Review]

Bluebird Kitchen

Bluebird Kitchen specializes in sandwiches and salads with fresh, house made ingredients and a wide array of pastries and baked goods. Catering to the down town breakfast and lunch crowd (hours are Mon-Fri 7am – 3pm), they present a simple concept but execute it extremely well. One of the most surprising things about Bluebird is that, despite the simple café style format, there really aren’t any other similar restaurants in Pittsburgh.

Continue reading

Chef Michael Symon Bringing B Spot Burgers to Pittsburgh [Report]

b spot

Celebrity Chef Michael Symon from the Food Network, known for being an Iron Chef, has decided to open his second Pittsburgh area restaurant.  Following the success of Bar Symon at the Airport, the Symon Restaurant Group has now announced plans to bring his popular Cleveland based Burger Bar B Spot to Pittsburgh.    They apparently are confident this concept will go over well as they are scouting four to six B Spot locations around the Pittsburgh area. Continue reading

Ginger Hill Tavern: College Bar Wednesday Wing Night [Review]

Photo Apr 10, 5 32 07 PM

Editor’s Note: This is the first appearance by our North of Pittsburgh Regional Review Correspondent, Jake. Enjoy! 

 The Ginger Hill Tavern is the primary “college bar” for Slippery Rock University.  It is a small town with a couple other bars but Ginger Hill is the one frequented most by the typical “college kid.”  They have daily beer/drink specials and DJs on the weekends.  Don’t bother trying to get near the place on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night while school is in session. But no matter what, wing nights always have a way of tickling my fancy.  Continue reading

Lemonhead’s Brightwood Grille: Dive Bar Breakfast Done Right [Review]

Photo Apr 07, 9 24 11 AM

One thing that has always rang true regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of food is that sometimes you have to go off the beaten path to find gems.  While we focus mainly on nationwide chains on this site, we’re equal opportunity foodies and oftentimes set out on quests for great food wherever it can be placed in our mouths. Such is that case, whenever I was told that I had to try out Lemonhead’s Brightwood Grille for their breakfast.  Continue reading