Lemonhead’s Brightwood Grille: Dive Bar Breakfast Done Right [Review]

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One thing that has always rang true regarding life, liberty, and the pursuit of food is that sometimes you have to go off the beaten path to find gems.  While we focus mainly on nationwide chains on this site, we’re equal opportunity foodies and oftentimes set out on quests for great food wherever it can be placed in our mouths. Such is that case, whenever I was told that I had to try out Lemonhead’s Brightwood Grille for their breakfast. 

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Located in Bethe Park, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, I honestly hadn’t heard of the joint until recently.  In the search of an honest, freshly made breakfast, I entered into the uniquely painted building.  Owned and operated by Michael Lehmann, he also handles all the cooking duties behind the flat top.  The bar and restaurant is a local favorite for their daily specials on drinks and ever changing menu.  Their actual menus don’t tell half the story, with all of today’s specials getting push pinned to the wall for all to see.
Poached Eggs w/ Corn Beef & Hash

Poached Eggs w/ Corn Beef & Hash

Breakfast specials had many common characteristics: they were fresh, different, and really reasonably priced.  Some specials included Poached eggs w/ Corn Beef Hash, a Hot Omelette stuffed with peppers and hot sausage, Strawberry French Toast, a Greek Omelette with baby spinach and mushrooms, and a Breakfast Burrito that really caught my eye.  Loaded up with eggs, meat of your choice, peppers, onions, and cheese, it felt like it was the cure for what ailed me. And with that plethora of food costing only $7, I couldn’t complain one bit.

Photo Apr 07, 10 05 24 AM
Ordering the burrito, with wheat toast, and an order of the freshly made home fries, I sat back and counted down until I could stuff my face. As you can see, portions are hearty and plentiful. The home fries were nice and crispy, loaded up with peppers and onions providing a vibrant taste that didn’t have a hint of prefab.
Photo Apr 07, 10 08 49 AM
My burrito was loaded to the brim, layer upon layer of ingredients intermingled within.  A great diversity of savory and flavorful permeated with each bite as a I crunched into the scrambled eggs, hot sausage, peppers, onions, potatoes, and tortilla.  Topping the whole ordeal with some Frank’s Red Hot providing that zip that set the whole creation off.
Photo Apr 07, 10 09 01 AM
There’s a great mix of other options to try next time, including Chocolate Chip pancakes, as well as Pumpkin pancakes for those with a sweet tooth.  This place also has some diverse and interesting lunch options that change daily. Just remember to bring your green backs, this bar is cash only.  Enjoy!
Lemonheads Brightwood Grille:  B+

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~PGH Food Geek

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