Blue Dust: Dive Bar Bliss [Review]

Blue Dust

While there are plenty of hot spots around the Pittsburgh area to find good eats, one place that you don’t expect is Homestead.  And no, we’re not talking about the commercialized Waterfront, we’re talking about the other side of the tracks.  But you don’t have to look too far on the other side of the train tracks to find Dive Bar Bliss at Blue Dust.  


Specializing in craft beers, on tap and in bottle form, as well as fresh and intriguing food options, Blue Dust really looks like a dive on the outside.  But after walking in, you’re teleported into a different world.  Where the beers are plentiful and the food is fresh.

IMG_2460Looking at the epic tap list can even be somewhat intimidating, especially for someone with limited knowledge of the craft beer world.  Going off of a recommendation from my resident beer connoisseur, Jake, I tapped into a Bells Oberon.

IMG_2461With a nice hoppy taste and a nice bite, this beer tastes like a Blue Moon on steroids.  One of the best deals going in the burgh’ has to be Blue Dust’s Half Off Apps and Taps from 5-7.  A craft beer like the one I had only cost a meager $3.  A price that you would easily pay for a Miller Lite at most joints.


Heading into the appetizer realm, Blue Dust has plenty of options, most of them being great tasting vegetarian dips.  Coming with either fresh tortilla chips or crostini, we tried the Artichoke Dip.  The overwhelming sense, and this went with my whole experience, was freshness.  The artichokes had a vibrant taste and was luscious and rich.  The bread dipping tools were light and fluffy and provided a perfect vehicle to flavor ville.  And with this item being half off,  hard to beat a sub $5 app.


Most of the entree selections at Blue Dust are differing varieties of sandwiches. With Brisket sandwiches, Pork tacos, and even a Homestead Surf n’ Turf that couples crab and brisket, it’s hard to decide.  I ended up going for the Fish Tacos.  With grilled tilapia, fresh cabbage, and lime cilantro sauce all wrapped up in flour tortillas I was hoping for the best.  Served with housemade salsa and chips the two tortillas come in under $9.


The tilapia is very profound and was very lump.  Biting down I was very impressed.  Fish tacos can be very hit or miss, but this display was out of the park.  With a soft, melt in your mouth, buttery texture, it felt like I was biting through velvet.  The cabbage provided a nice crunch to mix up textures and the lime cilantro sauce was smooth yet profound.


My only gripe with this batch, was the cabbage was cut a tad bit thick.  With almost too much crunch to get through, it made it a little bit hard to eat while keeping the taco together.  This was only minor and the remaining flavors completely made up for it.  Also, can’t forget to mention the thin cut flour tortillas that were light yet strong enough to keep this operation in one piece.

Overall, I came off very impressed with Blue Dust. WIth great craft beer options, a really great atmosphere, awesome food, and even better Happy Hour specials, this just isn’t some dive in Homestead. Don’t sleep on Blue Dust.

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~PGH Food Geek


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