M&P Coney Island [Review]


The hot dog capital of the world is New Castle,  Pennsylvania!  Some might say that New York or Chicago own that title but they would be wrong.  New Castle, also the fireworks capital of the world, is where the proverbial “it” is at when it comes to hot dogs.  The World Famous M&P Coney Island hot dog shop is the primary reason for this title although there are other contenders such as Bill’s Sandwich Shop and Post Office Lunch.  M&P currently has two locations, the older, downtown location and the newer location in Neshannock Township.  I went for the original location which is your classic diner look with chipping hard plastic tables and chairs and counter to order from!  The restaurants are very dated and generic looking but that is part of their appeal.

 image (2)

I ordered my go-to which is the original Coney dog with everything.  Everything consists of their famous chili which is a spicy, chili like sauce with no beans and a little meat.  It’s a sort of mystery concoction but is delicious.  The other toppings are diced white onions and yellow mustard.

image (6)

The hot dogs are not big but are not expensive either.  I usually go with 3 dogs and some fries.  The dogs are grilled on a flat top and the buns are nice and warm.  Everything works together very well and it is a perfect quick meal!


As a more adventurous option, I added a Chicago dog.  This costs a few cents more and is much more extravagant to look at.  They take a plain hot dog and add relish, an entire pickle spear, onion, banana peppers and two slices of tomato!  It is quite impressive and very challenging to eat.  The toppings do overwhelm the little guy of a hot dog underneath but the combination is a nice change of pace and all the ingredients seemed very fresh.  I would recommend ordering this only if you are looking for something in addition to the original dog as it is definitely the go to.

image (4)

As a side, I ordered the cheese fries.  Which are not your typical cheese fries.  They do not have the giant vat of canned melted nacho cheese that is typically put on fries and hot dogs.  Their cheese as a curiously, some might say unnatural, yellow colored shredded cheddar.  It is very soft and is relatively flavorful and melts as soon as they put it on the hot fries.  The fries are very crispy and thin cut and with the addition of the cheese and salt make a perfect side.

All in all I would definitely recommend one of the M&P Coney Island hot dog shops if you ever find yourself in New Castle and need a quick, filling lunch. Plus they’re one of the most consistent joints I’ve visited.  Coming here over a dozen times and enjoying the exact same experience each time is key for a lunch experience.  Remember they are still cash only so be sure to be prepared!



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